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Modor NF-1/ DR-2 White Stand // Table Top Rack

Modor NF-1/ DR-2 White Stand // Table Top Rack

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Wood Stands , Racks , Sidepanels and enclosures for Synth , Drum machine , Midi Controller , Sequencer , Keyboard , Sampler , Groovebox , Drumcomputer , Expander , Audiointerface , Mixing desk , Summing mixer , effect and signal processor or Workstation . Build on Request. Decksaver possible . Shipping worldwide

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Handcrafted solid wood stand for your Modor NF-1 or DR-2

Please Note! Due to demand, delivery times of up to 4 weeks are possible.

We are not a dealer, we manufacture the stands in our small workshop in Germany! We do not sell the devices shown!

We build on request Why do we build on demand?

In order to make customer requests, e.g. the possibility of using a deck saver, possible. Every setup at home or in the studio requires different requirements for our stands, racks, etc. We want to enable our customers to deliver the perfect product. This results in a longer processing time, we build your stand

Your stand will be delivered ready for immediate use Your stand will be sanded, waxed and polished by hand.

Our logo is also burned in by hand!

All of our stands are secure and don't slip, thanks to 3M

Write to us if you have any special requests.

For shipping, your stand will be wrapped several times in foil and sent on its journey in a box protected with sufficient air cushions.



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