below you´ll find our most common woodtypes. The pictures you see are examples, also all product images, Have in mind that wood is a natural product and there are differences in color and grain.

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amerik. Nussbaum

american walnut

The heartwood of the American walnut is darker and more evenly colored, often with purplish-brown shading and less noticeable color streaks.


wild oak

Did you know that wild oak is not a type of tree, but a collective term? This includes oak wood with distinctive characteristics such as natural knots and worm holes and natural cracks, which ensure a special look. Oaks are often found in Asia, Europe and America - trees that are very suitable for wild oak wood usually grow in shady places or on the edge of the forest.

Thermo Eiche

Steamed beech

The warm brown tone of thermal beech is typical of thermally treated local wood.



Birch wood has a fine to medium-pored structure, a slightly wavy grain and a slightly satin surface shine. Different densities and various fat contents can lead to interesting lighting effects.

Eiche Schwarz gebeizt

Oak stained black

Oak wood is one of the classics in furniture construction in Germany due to its resistance and durability. And that's no wonder, as it gives the dark, evenly grained wooden living rooms a warm, pleasant ambience and doesn't lose its characteristic properties even after decades.